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Spa Pedicure

All spa pedicures include a warm herbal neck wrap to help release stress.
Lemon Peel Pedicure 

Indulge in a refreshing foot soak with fresh lemon slices. We expand upon our classic pedicure with citrus scrub to exfoliate dry skin followed by a warm lemon butter mask and skin softening ceramides (45 mins).

Relieve your tired, aching feet. Start by soaking your feet in citrus soak after the basic pedicure, your feet will be scrubbed in a burst of aromas of kiwi scrub to exfoliate dry dead skin followed by a tingly & relaxing mint mask wrapped in hot towels (45 mins).

Relax as your feet are bathed in a green tea soak. After the basic steps of the classic pedicure, green tea scrub to exfoliate dry skin and wrapped in green tea mask and steamed towels. Your feet are moisturized and massaged with green tea lotion (55 mins).

Relax in a luxurious sultry scented bath steeped with fresh lavender essential oil rich in sea salt, this soak relieves stress and fatigue after the basic pedicure. Lavender vanilla scented exfoliating scrub with a hint of peppermint removes dry skin. A warm lavender foot treatment is applied to decrease fluid retention and swelling (55 mins). 

Gel all of the benefits of a spa pedicure along with hot stones that will soothe and relax tired legs and feet. The essence of hot stones penetrating warmth and healing energy puts the bounce back in every step. We will use any one of the spa scrubs and lavender to exfoliate and massage your feet with essential oil (60 mins).

A perfect blend using cranberry for its antioxidant properties and natural fruit enzymes, filled with vitamins, cranberry are rich in antioxidant. The scent refreshes the mind while the bath soak foams, releasing natural emollients into the water to moisturize and replenish dull skin. A gentle scrub and mask are applied followed with cranberry lotion massage, the final step finishes with warm paraffin treatment leaving your feet feeling revitalized (65 mins).

Coconut Banana 

A tropical pedicure with coconut banana scrub, moisturizing foot maks, completed with scented mango buttercream (45 mins).

Orange Peel 

This consist of soaking your feet in our whirlpool, then after the steps of the classic pedicure, orange peel scrub to exfoliate dry skin. Along with orange slices to refresh skin, and orange masque wrapped in hot towels. The final step is massaging your feet with mango lotion (45 mins).


Mango sugar scrub blended with natural flavors and oil to exfoliate your dry skin, then along with clay mud masque infused with vitamin C and E wrapped in steamed towels. The final step is massaging your feet with aromatherapy massaging oil and mango buttercream (55 mins).

Pearl Spa 

The pearl powder contains 31% calcium and 56% protein and the assortment of amino acids. This will help you bone development, and to promote healthy, lustrous skin. The last step to this is paraffin treatment, along with massaging oil to relax your legs (65 mins).

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